Stonehenge – but not as you know it

The more observant of you (who actually follow the blog – if there is indeed anyone out there?!) may have wondered why in my previous Newcastle post, in a link to the photos at the end, and at the end of the set of photos of Newcastle there were some images that were not taken in Newcastle

Jeremy Deller’s Stonehenge, Doncaster

But neither were they taken at the real Stonehenge – that part of everyone’s journey to the southwest along the A303 where traffic slows to a standstill as people take photos, gawp out of the windows, and sadly often have accidents.  (But also that mystical place of pilgrimage where druids and many others welcome the seasons, and ask all sorts of questions…)  No, these pictures were actually taken at Bentley Park in Doncaster, which staged Jeremy Deller’s Sacrilege Tour.  The stones have not been dug up and transported (how were they transported to the real Stonehenge in the first place?), but they have been turned into a life sized bouncy castle – Stonehenge on tour as part of the cultural bit of London 2012.  Touring to some rather unusual or smaller towns that may not necessarily spring to mind when thinking of Turner-prize artists, this was just really good fun – and extremely knackering!  I picked up Amy en route back from Newcastle (and ironically Gateshead is where Stonehenge had travelled from a couple of days earlier), and we went bouncing.  The sun stayed out; there weren’t many adults without children; we felt a bit silly, but had huge grins on our faces as we fell flat on them, tried to climb up the stones, laughed at dads throwing kids as though they were footballs into the ‘goal’ aka bouncy stone.  It was fun.  I am not sure how well publicised it had been in Doncaster – and although the views were perhaps less spectacular than when it had visited the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, nevertheless, everyone there was happy.  Let’s have more of this interactive, physical, fun art.  Stuff that makes you laugh.

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