Hello and welcome to my website. I’m currently in the process of tidying it up a little bit, so please bear with me while it’s in flux.

So – to introduce myself: I am a writer, researcher, teacher, art museum and gallery interpretation practitioner and curator, and I am particularly interested in how people encounter objects. I am a consultant specialising in training museum professionals and university staff and students on the creative use of objects. Until recently I was Head of Learning at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts at the University of East Anglia (UEA) in Norwich, and I am also involved in museum research in India (in New Delhi, Jaipur and Ladakh).


Alex Woodall leading a workshop in the Ruskin Gallery, Museums Sheffield, 2015.

My PhD is from the School of Museum Studies at the University of Leicester and is entitled Sensory Engagements with Objects in Art Galleries: Material Interpretation and Theological Metaphor. Supervised by Dr Sandra Dudley and Professor Richard Sandell, it looks at how using objects in creative ways in art galleries might challenge traditional forms of knowledge, allowing for imaginative and sensory responses to collections. Inspiration for this research comes from projects I have worked on in former roles as Interpretation Development Officer at Manchester Art Gallery (such as the Mary Greg project) and reflecting on the use of Object Dialogue Boxes made by artists Karl Foster and Kimberley Foster both there and at Museums Sheffield.  I use theological metaphors as a way to explore the relationships between people and objects, and objects and the wider world. Further information can be found on my former Leicester departmental webpage.

I am involved in another project at the School of Museum Studies, a partnership between India and the UK, Things Unbound. Funded by the British Academy and UKIERI, this 3-year programme seeks to explore what it is that objects in museums actually do, and how we might go about researching this. I have also worked for the Research Centre for Museums and Galleries exploring the impact of museums and their collections on health and wellbeing across the East Midlands.

I have been a freelance museum and art gallery interpretation consultant, and have over 15 years of experience in developing and researching creative audience-led museum and gallery interpretation, curating exhibitions, devising interpretation and interactivity, commissioning artists, working collaboratively with partner organisations, developing participatory projects for young people, managing formal and informal education programmes and establishing digital and social media projects in museums. Following my PhD, I worked as Special Projects Manager at the Royal Armouries in Leeds, managing the highly successful exhibition Warrior Treasures: Saxon Gold from the Staffordshire Hoard which exceeded its visitor target of over 55,000 visitors in 4 months.

I am a mentor for the Museums Association’s AMA. I was a Trustee for GEM from 2014-2016, having been Area Convenor for Yorkshire and Humberside for 4 years from 2010-2014. I am a member of engage. In 2018, I became part of the Women Cultural Leaders Network in the East, and I also joined the Executive Committee for Norfolk Arts Forum.

On my blog, I reflect on my own broadly defined creative journey of practice and research, including reviews and responses to museums and galleries, thoughts on conferences attended and articles read, as well as experimenting with methods and theories – and occasionally something entirely other. In fact, more often than not, it is something entirely other. Generally it is something creative, artistic, musical, often connected with where I used to live in Sheffield, with my travels, especially to India, or with where I am now based in Norwich.

Please do contact me if you are interested in collaborating or finding out more.



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